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Who We Are

At Neustar, we believe that we can help everyone improve their quality of life. From Fibromyalgia to Chronic Migraines to Insomnia, we have solutions that can alleviate your pain and discomfort and help you to lessen the stresses of everyday life.

We offer Calgarians a fresh approach to wellness, integrating products, services, seminars, workshops, and education into the same facility where we carry today’s most advanced wellness technologies.

Wellness is a choice, and it is our hope that we can help you find great choices that improve your relaxation and enjoyment of life.

How We Can Help

Pain Relief

Our product lines are specifically chosen to assist and help eliminate pain. We WILL find a solution to your pain.

Injury Prevention

When you properly take care of your joints and muscles, your body is less prone to injury. Our wellness advisors will assist you in finding the methods that work for you.


Find complete relaxation. Our products will help you find a deep feeling of relaxation and help aid in overall wellness.

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