How the Magnesphere made me a believer.

Hey everyone. I was marvelling the other day, at all my experiences with the Magnesphere. If you don’t know the heck that is, check out this link and you’ll quickly learn everything you never knew you didn’t know about magnetic resonance therapy.

In a nutshell, it surrounds your body with a very low level magnetic field, meant to replicate the frequency of your own cells. This allows our bodies to get into that deep state of relaxation, much like the delta state of sleep necessary to facilitate recuperation and healing.

Let’s face it. I am obviously not a scientist. No claims there whatsoever! 😊I do however, know that it works.

My first experience with it was a few years back when I rolled my ankle. It was 5:00 in the morning and I was trying to get out the door to deliver some product to our booth at a large tradeshow in town. I was running down the steps, boxes in hand when my heel caught on a step and I hyperextended my ankle and down I went. Boxes everywhere, I lay there on the grass trying to catch my breath, not knowing whether I just mildly sprained my ankle or whether I had accomplished something more sinister.

When I could breathe again, I hopped around on my good foot gathering my belongings and trying to get them into my vehicle so that I could get them to the show. C’mon… ever heard the saying “the show must go on?” By the time I got to the show grounds, my ankle and foot were swollen enough that I had to peel my shoe off. I DID however, get that product to its final destination on time… wow. That felt very much like a mailman pitch. Ever heard “The Mailman Song” by Weird Al?  Awesome song. Look it up when you get a chance.

With my ankle and foot turning various shades of blue and purple, I figured I should drive myself to the clinic to get x-rayed. And a mere 6 hours later, they confirmed for me what I already knew… that I should never again give up 6 hours of my life to a hospital waiting room unless I come in on a stretcher.

So, with the assurance of having a medical prognosis under my belt and an optimistic doctor telling me that torn ligaments take 6-12 months to heal, I dragged my butt to the Magnesphere to start my very first session.

To be clear, I was NOT a model client. I committed to using it once per week even though it should have been at LEAST 4-5 sessions per week to maximize the healing. But at that time, I really didn’t understand or appreciate the capability or power of the Magnesphere. I truly had no idea.

I did do a session every week (I think one week I even did two!) 😊and I have to say that I was totally blown away by the fact that I threw away my crutches after 6 weeks. And here’s the really cool part. Up to that point, I had always had a bit of a weakness in that ankle due to the fact that I had actually rolled it before, about 10 years prior. After using the Magnesphere for 6 weeks, I felt as though my ankle was stronger than ever, and it’s never caused me an issue to this day.

Needless to say, that experience totally made a believer out of me.

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