Endless benefits of massage work both physically and psychologically to help reduce common symptoms of chronic pain. Enjoy your massage in the privacy of your home any time you want with our EOS Zero Gravity Massage Chair Collection.

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The Best Massage Chair for Pain Relief!

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EOS Massage Chair Collection

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eos massage chairs- best massage chair for pain relief

EOS 701 Zero-G Massage Chair Info

The EOS 701 Zero Gravity Massage Chair, with its comprehensive programs, ability to sync music with built in speakers, and led lights which creates a relaxing ambiance, is a delight to all your senses and gives you the ultimate relaxation experience.

  • Equipped with seven intelligent massage techniques. Such as kneading, tapping, clapping, shiatsu, rolling, vibration and air massage.
  • Designed with a set of S-Track rollers for an intelligent massage, with a special focus on the neck, shoulder and lumbar massage according to the bodies curve.
  • Uses twin rollers to mimic the feel of the human hands, thereby enhancing the massage experience.
  • Equipped with 51 airbags.
  • Automatically detects the whole body curve as well as makes micro adjustments, which brings a more human-like and scientific massage.
  • Equipped with two speakers located by the backrest, and a music sync function.
  • Heat therapy located in the shoulder pads.
  • LED light in the side panel to enhance the massage environment.
  • Equipped with a timer function that can be adjusted according to the desired duration of the massage program.
  • Intelligent microprocessor for excellent performance and consistent quality.

EOS 605 Zero-G Massage Chair Info

The EOS 605 Zero Gravity Massage Chair, with programs customizable to each individual’s needs, is the ultimate path to enhancing health and wellness in the comfort of your own home.

  • Equipped with five sets of full body massage programs and three sets of localized massage programs to thoroughly fulfill your various needs.
  • In addition to the precise point massage, a variety of massage types can be combined to create a customized massage program.
  • Two zero gravity positions.
  • Heat therapy option in the lower lumber.
  • Equipped with a timer function that can be adjusted according to the desired duration of the massage program.
  • Designed with a power surge and pressure detector as well as an automatic temperature sensor and auto shutdown mechanism for safety.
  • Intelligent microprocessor for excellent performance and consistent quality.
  • Equipped with 46 air cells.

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Why Choose EOS?

Considered the best massage chair for pain relief, the EOS Massage Chair Collection is manufactured by the largest massage chair manufacturer in the world and is designed with ultimate relaxation and prime pain relief in mind.

Both the 701 and 605 features zero gravity positions which are proven to:

  • Eliminate pressure on the spine
  • Increase relaxation of the Neck and the Back
  • Increase lung function
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Enhance overall relaxation
eos 605 best massage chair for pain relief

Benefits of Massage Chairs

benefits of massage chairs - best massage chair for pain relief

Top 10 Reasons To Invest in A Massage Chair

10 Reasons Why YOU Should Invest In a Massage Chair!

  • Massage chairs can help to boost energy:

Massage chairs help to provide energy and to rejuvenate the body to increase productivity at work or in school. This is because tired and worn-out muscles are stretched, rolled, and loosened to give the revitalization and relaxation they need to recover.

  • Massage chairs can help to increase circulation:

From combining airbags and roller massage techniques a massage chair helps increase blood circulation.

  • Massage chairs can help to relieve stress:

A 30-minute massage daily has been shown to decrease the cortisol level by 50%. Having a massage stimulates the release of neurotransmitters that help fight off depression and other emotional stress. Which in turn will help in decreasing high blood pressure

  • Massage chairs can help to correct your posture:

As the muscles begin to relax, any imbalances in the system can be corrected. Relaxed muscles help the body have an increase in its mobility.

  • Massage chairs can help with sleep:

With the decrease in stress, it causes the body to become more relaxed giving the ability to have a more restful sleep

  • Massage chairs can help to reduce health muscle tension, and pain:

Regular massage helps with back pain because it massages and relaxes tense muscles that are causing the pain. With a massage chair giving a daily massage, muscle tension and pain is greatly decreased as it can reduce heart rate, blood pressure, and enhance immune function, boost levels of endorphins and serotonin (the body’s natural painkillers and mood regulators) and increase blood circulation – all the while easing sore and achy muscles.

  • Massage chairs can help lower lactic acid build up from stress or strenuous exercise:

By massaging the muscles in the body, blood flow is increased and lactic acid is excreted.

  • Massage chairs can help reduce headaches/migraines:

By having a regular massage it helps massage out tense muscles in the upper trapezius which causes tension headaches/migraines.

  • Massage chairs can help with Lymph node function:

Massage promotes healthy functioning of the lymph system by directly stimulating and relaxing the muscles. It flushes metabolic waste and helps distribute nutrients to the body.

  • Massage chairs can help with Fibromyalgia and Polymyalgia:

Since pain is a symptom of both fibromyalgia and Polymyalgia, massage chairs have been found to be an effective method of relief. The focus is on restoring more flexibility and elasticity to the soft tissue area.

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