Can’t Get a Good Night’s Sleep? An Intellibed Cool Gel Mattress Could Help!

According to Statistics Canada, more than half of Canadians struggle to sleep well. If you’re one of them, your mattress could be a big part of the problem. cool gel mattress

It’s definitely worth investing in a good quality mattress as the cheaper types don’t last as long. With a lower quality mattress, you could be changing it every couple of years. If you’re happy to spend a bit more, it could last for 10 years or more.

Cost isn’t the only reason to be savvy with the type of mattress you choose. If you wake up in pain and never seem to sleep through the night, a new mattress can help your well-being too.

Types of Mattresses

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are usually made from viscoelastic. NASA developed this in the 1970s. This is why they can mould to your body shape … so much so that the material can protect astronauts on takeoff!

One of the downsides of memory foam mattresses is the fact that they can make you sweat during the night. They also tend to be soft and don’t provide a lot of support for your body.

Gel Foam

Gel foam mattresses use the same material as memory foam mattresses. As the name suggests, they also contain tiny beads of gel. This tends to be viscoelastic mixed with gel beads. A gel foam mattress regains its shape quicker than memory foam and helps air to circulate.

Gel foam mattresses have a lot of the same characteristics as memory foam mattresses. They also aim to tackle the heat retention that you’ll often get with memory foam. But they can offer little support and lose their shape as the gel beads dissolve.

Gel Matrix

Gel Matrix is a unique offering from Intellibed Canada. This is one of the newest gel technologies on the mattress market. Designed by sleep scientists, Gel Matrix strikes a balance between comfort and support.

Firm vs Soft Mattresses

A firm mattress is great for supporting your body while you’re in bed, especially for your spine. If you struggle with back pain when you first wake up, it could be because your mattress doesn’t support you.

Firm mattresses don’t always relieve pressure, especially if they lose shape. You’re unlikely to be aware of it but pressure builds up around certain areas of your body while you’re asleep. This is common around the hips and shoulders.

If you’re moving around in your sleep, it’s probably because of this pressure. The average person moves around up to 40 times in the average night! This makes it hard to slip into stage 3 and 4 of the sleep cycle. These are deeper and much more beneficial for your health than the lighter sleep stages.

To avoid this, you want a mattress that is both firm and soft. This is the ideal combination to support your back and avoid pressure build ups. Unfortunately most mattresses mean you’re compromising either comfort or support.

Staying Cool at Night

Sleep experts will often tell you to make sure your bedroom is at the right temperature for sleep. Even then, it might not be enough if your bed doesn’t help you to control your body temperature.

We’ve all experienced nights where you can’t seem to cool down even without covers or nightclothes on. You may not realize that your mattress could be part of the problem. Memory foam and some gel foam mattresses can trap heat. The end result? You can find yourself overheating when the weather warms up.

If this sounds familiar, here’s some good news. A cool gel mattress avoids this and delivers the benefits that we’ve already talked about. And we’re going to introduce you to one in the next section!

Introducing INTELLIbed

When it comes to choosing a cool gel mattress, Intellibed ticks all the boxes!

An Intellibed cool gel mattress supports your spine and relieves pressure. No more choosing whether your mattress is soft or supportive. You can have the best of both worlds with an Intellibed mattress. Do you prefer to sleep on one side or tend to favor your back or stomach? Either way, an Intellibed cool gel mattress aligns and supports your body. It’s also therapeutic and helps to stop chronic pain disrupting your sleep.

cool gel mattress intellibed

Staying cool isn’t a problem either. With Intellibed’s Gel Matrix layer to help with temperature control. Think of it as a cool gel mattress that protects against overheating. This isn’t the main focus but it helps you to achieve a good sleep!

At Neustar, we’re committed to offering products that reduce pain and help you to live your life. We only choose products with a proven track record in reducing pain . And we test them all before we stock them. When it comes to wellness, we’ll help you to find solutions that work!


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