Blueberry: calories, carbs, fats and other nutrients


The berries reduce blood sugar, increase the acidity of gastric juice, improve digestion and metabolism, and increase visual acuity by improving blood flow to the retina. Blueberries are widely known as an anti diarrhea remedy for diarrhea of non-infectious origin, especially in children, as an aid, along with antibiotics for dysentery, with avitaminosis. The main wealth of blueberries are antioxidants. They are known to bind free electrons and thus do not allow the formation of malignant tumors, affecting the body at the cellular level. Thus, blueberries are good for cancer prevention. Blueberry antioxidants are called anthocyanins. They are found in radishes, blackberries, apples, red cabbage and dark grapes. However, the record for antioxidant content undoubtedly belongs to blueberries.

Macroelements and calories

Proteins (g)Fats (g)Carbohydrates (g)Calories

Vitamins (mg)

  • b-carotine: 0,001
  • B1: 0,01
  • B2: 0,02
  • B3: 0,3
  • C: 10

Microelements (mg)

  • Potassium, K: 372
  • Calcium, Ca: 36
  • Magnesium, Mg: 35
  • Sodium, Na: 33
  • Phosphorus, P: 7

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