Chanterelles: calories, carbs, fats and other nutrients


Chanterelles contain large amounts of vitamins A, B, PP, many amino acids and trace elements (copper and zinc), which helps improve vision, cure “chicken blindness” and is the prevention of many eye diseases. In addition, substances contained in chanterelles, improve the condition of the mucous membranes, especially the eyes, hydrate them, and make them resistant to infectious diseases.

Macroelements and calories

Proteins (g)Fats (g)Carbohydrates (g)Calories

Vitamins (mg)

  • B1: 0,01
  • B2: 0,35
  • C: 34

Microelements (mg)

  • Potassium, K: 560
  • Calcium, Ca: 8
  • Magnesium, Mg: 7
  • Sodium, Na: 3
  • Phosphorus, P: 44
  • Iron, Fe: 6,5

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