Orange: calories, carbs, fats and other nutrients


There are many legends about the beneficial properties of orange, some of which, however, are not confirmed by anything. For example, some believe that the orange breaks all records for the content of vitamin C, although in fact it does not stand out in this parameter from other citrus fruits. Others believe that orange fruits (or freshly squeezed juice) can effectively burn fat and provide weight loss in diets. This is also not entirely true.

Macroelements and calories

Proteins (g)Fats (g)Carbohydrates (g)Calories
0,9 0,28,143

Vitamins (mg)

  • b-carotine: 0,05
  • B1: 0,04
  • B2: 0,03
  • B3: 0,2
  • B5: 0,25
  • B6: 0,06
  • B9: 0,005
  • C: 60
  • E: 0,22

Microelements (mg)

  • Potassium, K: 197
  • Calcium, Ca: 34
  • Magnesium, Mg: 13
  • Sodium, Na: 13
  • Phosphorus, P: 23
  • Iron, Fe: 0,3

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