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Dinner is the most controversial meal, especially for women who are watching their figure or trying to lose weight. Not eating a heavy dinner is considered the basis for a healthy diet. How legitimate is such a statement, is it worth limiting yourself in the evening meal and what should be a proper dinner to benefit your health? In this article, you will find answers to the most important and popular questions about eating well before bedtime.

Why do we need to have dinner?

The statement that it is necessary to eat dinner strictly before 6 p.m. has lost its relevance. This applies only to lark people, who wake up early and go to bed no later than 9:00 p.m. The rest of us can stick to the principle of having dinner three to four hours before going to bed. The rest can stick to this principle – have dinner 3-4 hours before going to bed. Thus, if you got used to go to sleep at 12 o’clock at night, you can safely eat at 8 and even 9 pm. In the allotted 3 hours before bedtime, food has time to digest, and extra pounds on the waist and hips will not make themselves felt.

French nutritionists have proven that giving up dinner, when the gap between meals is 12 hours or more, is harmful to health. Such an approach will not help to lose weight and moreover will not allow you to maintain activity and good health. To function properly, the body needs glucose, which is wasted at a rate of 6 g per hour. If the body doesn’t get food for a long time, it starts to use up its internal reserves. Don’t get your hopes up that the first to go to work are the fat deposits. Protein in muscles, bones, and blood will be used first. And then carbohydrates and fats will be consumed.

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Therefore, starvation will be reflected first of all on the state of bones and muscles. The bones will become brittle, the condition of teeth will worsen, and muscles will not be able to withstand the physical load. This is especially true for those who like to do fitness after work. Training leads to an increased energy expenditure, so the evening hunger will only contribute to the exhaustion of the body.

What else is useful about a proper dinner:

  • serves as an excellent antidepressant, calms the nerves and promotes sound sleep;
  • helps to avoid hypovitaminosis and mineral deficiency;
  • strengthens the immune system and serves as a prevention of gastrointestinal diseases.

What Dinner Should Be

Proper dinner for weight loss and well-being should be based on two principles – moderation and digestibility of food. According to nutritionists, the evening meal should account for no more than 20-25% of daily calories. You can be guided by the average portion size or average energy values of dishes. The size of an evening portion intended for men should be approximately 350 grams, women should reduce it by 100 grams.

Fatty meat or fatty fish is better left for lunch, but also to have dinner with sour milk products alone is not worth it. Protein plays the leading role in the evening meal, as it is easily digested and does not cause a heavy stomach. Amino acids, of which protein is composed, are the basic building material for all tissues, have a beneficial effect on muscles, bones, skin, hair and teeth.

A good “companion” for proteins will be a variety of vegetables. They are perfectly combined not only organoleptically, but also chemically. It should be taken into account that the volume of vegetables should be twice as much as that of protein.

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What to eat for dinner

The evening meal should include products that contain a good portion of vitamins and substances that contribute to a quick recovery after a hard day’s work. Include in a healthy diet should be dishes that give a restful sleep and take part in the synthesis of hormones and new cells. This simple memo will help to decide what to eat for dinner.


Shrimp, squid, mussels and octopus cover the body’s need for vitamins A, E , B, iodine, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and selenium. Seafood has more protein than meat, and it is much easier and faster to digest. The easiest way to consume it is to make a seafood shake.

Turkey meat

Diet meat contains a minimum of fat and cholesterol, which makes the product ideal for weight loss. The digestibility of turkey protein is 95%, which is much higher than that of rabbit and chicken meat. Dish made of turkey meat can be quickly satiated, which means it is not possible to eat a lot of them even with a strong hunger.

Chicken Breast

The white meat of chicken is much healthier than the dark meat characteristic of hams. Breast has less fat, cholesterol, and hard-to-digest compounds that cause a feeling of heaviness in the stomach. But there are enough vitamins in white chicken to maintain a healthy metabolism. Especially valuable among them are vitamins B9, B12, PP, A and H.

Fish of low-fat varieties

Pike, cod, plaice, and mint are low in fat. These varieties are digested and absorbed literally in a couple of hours, so fish for dinner is a sensible solution. Together with fish dishes the body will get a lot of iodine, fluoride, copper and zinc.

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Leafy vegetables

The group includes iceberg lettuce, lettuce, watercress, parsley, rucola, craisne, dill, basil and chard. Leafy vegetables are a source of B vitamins. These organic compounds help convert consumed carbohydrates into glucose, essential for all internal organs. Despite the low caloric value of leafy greens, you can easily satisfy your hunger with minimal servings.

Natural yogurt

The treat is rich not only in vital protein, but also in calcium, which strengthens bone tissue. Another value of yogurt is beneficial probiotic bacteria. They destroy pathogenic microflora of the digestive tract and increase immunity. An important nuance: only a natural product, without additives, flavors and preservatives, is beneficial.

Nuts and seeds

They are not used as a main dish, but as a condiment. Almonds, sesame, pine nuts, walnuts, cashews and flaxseeds go well with vegetable salads and meat dishes. Nuts are high in amino acids and plant oils, which are good for health.


The benefits of chicken eggs are due to the presence of useful amino acids and vitamins – B, C, D, E. You can get exactly 14% of protein per day by eating just one egg for dinner. It is better to boil eggs or prepare a steam omelet, in this form the product is best absorbed.

Healthy dinner recipes

The list of allowed products for dinner is quite extensive. From them, it is quite realistic to compose delicious and varied dinner options that will satisfy the body’s need for useful compounds.

  • Fish julienne
  • Salad with vegetables and seafood
  • Chicken breast with bell peppers
  • Turkey under cheese
  • Lobio with green beans

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