Scrambled eggs: calories, carbs, fats and other nutrients

Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs in the classic sense are whipped eggs and cream, fried over medium heat in butter. Sometimes milk is added in place of cream. There are several nuances which make this dish different from ordinary omelettes. Eggs are the key ingredient in this dish. Then comes low-fat cream to make the dish lush and tender. Sometimes, pepper and other spices are added to spice it up. Scramble is a very hearty, nutritious and low-calorie dish. It can be prepared in just a couple of minutes.

Macroelements and calories

Proteins (g)Fats (g)Carbohydrates (g)Calories

Vitamins (mg)

  • b-carotine: 0,062
  • A: 0,269
  • B1: 0,08
  • B2: 0,506
  • B5: 1,494
  • B6: 0,161
  • B9: 0,008
  • B12: 0,0006
  • D: 0,0025
  • E: 0,69
  • K: 0,0003

Microelements (mg)

  • Potassium, K: 160,92
  • Calcium, Ca: 63,22
  • Magnesium, Mg: 13,79
  • Sodium, Na: 154,02
  • Phosphorus, P: 220,7
  • Iron, Fe: 2,874

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