Top 7 ways to lose weight in your face and neck

Is it possible to improve the shape of the face without surgery? How can I lose weight in my cheeks or on my neck? What to do to get rid of excess fat and puffiness? Here’s a simple weight loss program that will give you back chiseled cheekbones and a well-defined profile.

Losing weight can be a problem in and of itself, let alone a specific area of the body. How do you lose weight in your face if you can’t do it in your waist and hips? Nutritionists have an answer to this question. Follow the recommendations to get your face back in good shape.

How to lose weight in the cheeks: why is it difficult

Fat in our bodies is distributed unevenly. In men, it is stored mainly in the abdominal area. In women, it is concentrated under the skin on the abdomen and on the thighs. Against the background of excess weight, adipose tissue is deposited in the facial area. And that’s where it is the most difficult to “kick out”.

Mimic muscles form “pockets” where excess fat is deposited. These deposits are passive: they do not participate in energy metabolism. And it is easier for the body to “take away” some fatty tissue where there is a lot of it, than to break up the insignificant fat layers on the cheeks.

This is why in general obesity, the face becomes a permanent storehouse of fatty tissue. And in the process of losing weight, it doesn’t shrink in volume right away. Only when the destruction of fat on the waist and hips is already in full swing.

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Seven tips from nutritionists on how to lose weight on your face

Start by reducing your body weight, and your face shape will improve. Follow these seven recommendations.

1. Engage in cardio exercise. This is physical activity that increases your heart rate. According to studies, cardio exercise is the most effective method of losing weight. And it works best at the stage when you are just starting the fight against excess weight. Start running, swimming, cycling or walking fast every day. Spend 20-40 minutes daily on these exercises. The fat in your body and on your cheeks will start to burn off in the first week of cardio exercise.

2. Opt for water. Sometimes it seems that water is our enemy. After all, if you drink more in the evening, you will wake up in the morning with swelling. This is a misconception. Edema, which visually increases the cheekbones and chin, occurs precisely because of the lack of fluid in the body. After all, the body saves water and stores it in the soft tissues. To get rid of facial fat, you need to drink at least the daily norm of fluid – 1.5-2 liters for women. This improves the metabolism, helps in the fight against fatty tissue and eliminates edema.

3. Cut out alcohol. Incontinence in alcohol manifests itself on the face in the first place. Make sure that your daily intake of alcoholic beverages does not exceed the recommended amount. For women it is a glass of wine, for men – two glasses.

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4. Eat less sweets and pastries. Often the answer to the question of how to lose weight in a teenager’s face is to easily adjust your diet. If you eliminate rolls, bars, candy and cookies, and add fruits, berries and vegetable salads, the extra weight and chubby cheeks go away on their own. In childhood and adolescence, the metabolism is very fast and dietary correction is effective. As an adult, to speed up the metabolism to this speed, you need to drink more water and move more.

5. Get eight hours of sleep. Remember how much you like the reflection in the mirror when you wake up rested and refreshed. It’s not just an impression. If you don’t get enough sleep, your body overproduces the stress hormone cortisol. It makes you overeat and stimulates the formation of fat tissue. If you get enough sleep, cortisol levels are not higher than normal and fat tissue does not accumulate.

6. Don’t get addicted to salty foods. Salt retains fluid in the body. And it is easier for fluid to accumulate in the soft tissues. It is difficult to find softer and more elastic tissue than the areas under the eyes and on the cheeks. That’s why swelling so often occur here: you ate a salty fish in the evening and woke up in the morning with bags under the eyes. Control your salt intake and avoid foods with a lot of it: sausages, salty and smoked dishes, and uncooked foods.

7. Do facial exercises. A good solution to the problem of how to lose weight in the face. Facial exercises don’t just help with fat tissue. It strengthens facial muscles, tightens the skin and improves the shape of the chin, cheeks. Tone the facial muscles can help exercise:

  • Inflate your cheeks and hold for up to 10 counts;
  • roll air behind your cheeks from side to side for a minute;
  • Alternately stretch your lips into a wide smile and bring them together into a “tube;
  • Clench and unclench your teeth.
  • Repeat these exercises daily in your leisure time.
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You can do facial exercises not only in front of the mirror, but even lying in bed in front of the TV. Simple exercises will increase muscle tone and tighten the skin, preventing it from sagging in the process of losing weight.

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