Farley is 15 and Thriving.

Hey everyone,

Let me introduce you to Farley. He is our family dog and he is about as old and crusty as a 15 year old dog with attitude can get.

A Bichon/Cocker Spaniel cross, he came into our lives just over 13 years ago from a rescue situation and quickly found his way into everyone’s hearts. He has always been playful, but back then, he was fearless. He could jump from tall beds, take flying leaps from the couch half way across the room, and chase massive coyotes from our acreage. Ok… so I didn’t say he was a rocket scientist. I said he was fearless… which arguably could be an indicator of his intelligence… but no judgment… we all have our strengths. 😊 And did I mention he has about 99 lives? He’s made good use of about 90 of them.

Of course, he also has a very sensitive side. When he was about 8 years old, we got him a stuffed Lambchop toy. We figured it may give him something to do with his pent up energy. Instead, he proceeded to groom it as though it were his own child. To be honest it was kind of weird. He would lick and groom this thing for hours at a time, then take it and put it away in his kennel.

And anyone who wants to dispute the idea that dogs don’t have memories has clearly never met Farley. He is like an elephant who holds a grudge. My son got on his bad side early on by play fighting with my daughter and Farley didn’t appreciate that one bit. Didn’t get over it for years.

Farley was always ready to take on the world for the protection of his kin. He would regularly chase away coyotes, and I would choose Farley any day over our German Shepard on a hike through the woods. Bears, cougars, wolves, you name it – he was ready to chase it. Again… not the sharpest tool in the shed, but definitely super-hero calibre.

So you can imagine why he’s so crusty now. He went from slaying dragons to being a couch potato. And his joints (and attitude) have paid a price. Gone were his glory days of old, resorting to sleeping in his kennel and eating. He wouldn’t even go on walks anymore! A walk with Farley consisted of walking a block, having him lie down and refuse to walk anymore, followed by us carrying him the rest of the way.

And then we introduced him to the Magnesphere. Wow. Now that he has regular sessions, he is a completely different dog. His entire life has changed. The other night, he was running back and forth in the living room, around the kitchen island, over and over again while we sat there laughing at his exuberance. He no longer complains about having to jump up on “his” chair, whereas before, he would whine until someone lifted him up and placed him there. And once again, he can jump into a vehicle and actually jump out!

The changes in Farley have really been nothing short of amazing and he obviously knows it. When he comes into Neustar for his regular session, he goes directly to the chair, hops in and sits there expectantly. And it’s all we can do to coax him out of it after an hour.

What can I say… the Magnesphere has given Farley a new lease on life.

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