5 Top Bodyweight Exercises To Build Your Biceps at Home

The biceps are probably the most popular human muscle. Not only does it give the body an imposing appearance, but it is also indispensable in many sports. Its main function is to bend and lift arms. The variety of biceps exercises with your own weight is not so great, for most of them you will need a crossbar. But there are also movements that we can perform even without equipment including curls and pull-ups.

Basic facts

Contrary to a common misconception, it is impossible to build up arms separately from the whole body. Arm muscles make up about 5-15% (depending on the individual characteristics and level of training of the athlete) of the total muscle mass and develop in conjunction with the rest of the muscles of the body.

On the other hand, the load on arms during complex exercises is insufficient for their active development and is inferior to narrowly focused work in terms of efficiency.

Arm exercises should not be performed more than twice a week to avoid catabolic processes. Remember about the necessity of recovery and rest for the muscles, this will be the key to their strengthening and stable growth.

Standing biceps curls

Stand on a rubber loop. Grasp the other end with both hands in a normal grip. Keep your back straight, elbows pressed to the body. Keep your eyes forward. Lift your arms up to about shoulder level. When your hands are in line with your elbows, start turning them inward with your little fingers. At the maximum point, pause for a few seconds and slowly return your hands to the starting position.

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While doing the exercise, concentrate on the biceps, tensing them as much as possible in the upper point. Keep your elbows close to your torso.

Reverse grip pull-ups

This is a good exercise that provides a decent load on the right muscle, as these pull-ups engage the biceps more than the straight grip pull-ups.

For athletes with an advanced level of fitness, pull-ups can be done on one arm using a towel (belt, rope). The lower the grip of the auxiliary arm, the higher the load on the other arm.

Australian pull-ups

Pretty simple, but effective way to do pull-ups. The reverse grip allows you to perfectly feel the work of the biceps muscles. This element can be made more difficult/easier by selecting the right angle or, for example, performing it with one hand.

Reverse hand push-ups

In the classic push-ups bicep is active, but to a lesser extent. You can increase the load on it by placing your hands at your waist, closer to your body and turning your palms back.

Of course, it is not an isolated movement for biceps, but it involves the same muscle groups as in the standard movement: triceps and pecs.

This positioning requires some flexibility in the arms and it is worth noting that the difficulty of the exercise is quite high.

If it is difficult for you, try to simplify it with simpler variants, doing it from your knees or from the wall.

Pull-ups with narrow reverse grip

This is a classic biceps exercise. Many people neglect it, and in vain. Grasping the bar with a narrow reverse grip, do pull-ups slowly, working through the biceps. And remember: no jerking.

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