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Not everyone has the opportunity to go to sports facilities on a regular basis. Some do not have enough time for that while others are not willing to spend money on a subscription or travel time. In such cases, training with your own weight at home comes to the rescue. This is a set of physical exercises that are based on holding or lifting your own weight.

There are hundreds of examples of how exercises have helped to achieve the desired result. A training routine included in the program of training with own weight with systematic repetition will give excellent results, which can compete with some exercises performed using facilities in gyms. Working out at home or in the nearest park, you can save time, money and achieve good physical shape.

Why do you need training with your own weight

If you choose an effective program, exercises with your own weight give excellent results both for weight loss and for gaining weight.

Weight Gain

Many people believe that without using additional weights it is impossible to develop grip strength with your own weight. This is not true. There are sets of exercises that help develop strength, endurance and muscle mass of the body.

If you wish, during the training with your own weight you can additionally use what you have at home, for example, a backpack filled with something heavy. In this way you will be able to achieve a good result. For this you need to perform a number of exercises.

For example, very effective push-ups:

  • vertical (3 on 10);
  • back (3 on 6);
  • from the floor (2 on 15);
  • between the supports (2 on 10), pump up the pectoral muscles department;
  • pull-ups with reverse grip (3 on 8).

Losing weight

If the reflection in the mirror stubbornly insists that it’s time to get rid of excess fat, and you agree with this, then do not necessarily immediately run to buy a membership to the gym. Lose excess weight and tone your muscles can be exercised at home or outdoors.

To get rid of the weight that you think you are overweight, there are basic exercises. They will take only 15 minutes a day, and it will be the initial stage in order to form a slender figure. You need to set a high pace of exercise, as slow workouts will not have the right impact on your body.

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In the initial stage there are the following exercises:

  • 10-minute warm-up; any squats;
  • push-ups from the floor (horizontal);
  • torso twists;
  • plank;
  • lunges with a jump.

The program of training with own weight for men and women in home conditions helps not only to fight with excess weight, but also develops muscles and keeps them in tone:

  • a beneficial effect on the body,
  • with systematic training you can build muscle mass,
  • you can get rid of unnecessary body fat and lose weight, becoming the owner of a trim figure,
  • the skin becomes more elastic,
  • the appearance of the first results raises the emotional mood.

Yet, almost everything you need for training, you have at home.

Necessary equipment

One of the advantages of training with your own body is that there is no need for a huge number of exercise equipment.

For classes you will need a minimum amount of equipment:

  • a pair of chairs (will serve instead of bars);
  • a rope;
  • several thick books;
  • a crossbar;
  • a long towel (to pump the neck);
  • a roller (to pump the abs);
  • a rubber expansion band (useful if you pull up for the first time).

Moreover, at the initial stages of training you can do without some of them. It depends on what exercises will be chosen as part of your routine.

Best bodyweight exercises for beginners

There are many exercises with your own weight. Each of them gives a certain effect. But there are a number of exercises that are considered the best due to their effectiveness and the large number of variations:

  • Push-ups. The load can shift to the desired muscle if you change the position of the hands correctly.
  • Squats. The entire lower body gets an excellent load.
  • Pull-ups. An exercise that engages a large group of muscles (particularly the back and arms).
  • Crunches. This exercise actively works the abs, back, and many other muscles.

These exercises were, are and will be in the leading positions. After all, they work large muscle groups. And by changing the position of the arms or legs, you can shift the load to the necessary muscles.

Let’s look at some exercises with the weight of your own body aimed at different muscle groups.

Training your neck

The development of these muscles is more suitable for men, because many of them dream of a muscular and beautiful neck:

  • The fingers of the hands need to press on the forehead, gradually increasing this pressure. The neck will put up resistance, straining the muscles at the same time. Such an exercise will not bring lightning results, but it will help to develop the muscles, and the neck will be ready for increased loads.
  • Bend over and rest your head on the floor. Thus perform the bends in different directions. At first, you can help yourself with hands, because it is not so easy to perform this exercise. But then you should do without the help of hands.
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Training your shoulders

A muscular neck should pass into the pumped up shoulders. Therefore, without attention this part of the body is unlikely to leave anyone. For the shoulders push-ups are great. It is important to take into account the fact that the main load will get the triceps and pectoral muscles. Therefore, this position is changed in the exercises:

  • take a lying support;
  • palms and shoulders should be at the same level;
  • increase the width so that the forearms should be almost perpendicular to the floor.

The exercise should be performed qualitatively and at a fast pace.

Training your arms

Consider exercises that engage all arm muscles (biceps, triceps, forearm).

Pulling up with reverse grip:

  • hold the bar a bit narrower than shoulder width, palms pointing out;
  • do not lower completely, this will relax biceps and relieve necessary load;
  • while pulling up, shoulder and forearm must form an angle of 90 degrees. It is not advisable to go higher, as the load on the right muscle will go away.

Push-ups with narrow grip:

  • elbows nearly pressed to the body,
  • palms straight, below shoulder level.

This exercise provides maximum load on triceps. But the forearms are also involved.

Training your back

Men dream of a wide pumped back with beautiful relief. For girls, the most important thing is a straight back and graceful posture. Our exercises are suitable for both purposes.

Pulling up on the low bar is suitable for beginners in order to prepare for more complicated pulling up:

  • lie under the bar;
  • grasp the bar with a wide grip;
  • pull up the body so as almost to touch the bar.

Pulling up with wide grip is more difficult but more effective exercise:

  • take hold of the bar with straight grip slightly wider than shoulders;
  • pull up in this position.

Working on your glutes

One of the most effective exercises with own weight are lunges:

  • stand up straight, straighten back;
  • put your hands at your seams or rest against your hips;
  • make a step forward and lower yourself so that your knee almost touches the floor;
  • stay in this position for 2-3 seconds;
  • stand up;
  • alternate legs.
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A complex of exercises at home

For girls

Girls, as a rule, begin training with one goal – to achieve an attractive figure, free the body from unwanted pounds and increase the elasticity of the skin. The main impact in this case will be on the abs, buttocks and chest.

It is for these parts of the body is designed the main training program with their weight in any set of exercises designed for girls:

  1. Start with a 10-minute warm-up.
  2. Lying on the floor do leg raises 12 times. Do three sets.
  3. Do 10 twists from the lying position. Three sets.
  4. Do 15 push-ups from the bench. Two sets.
  5. Do 12 raises on toes with dumbbells. Three sets.
  6. Dumbbell press. Fifteen times in three sets.

For men

Workouts for men are designed slightly differently. They are aimed at other muscle groups, unlike girls.

In such exercises, the main load will fall on the chest, shoulders, neck:

  1. 10 push-ups in 2 sets.
  2. 15 push-ups between chairs, 4 sets.
  3. Push-ups with wide and narrow stance of hands. 6-12 times in 2 or 3 sets.
  4. 10 squats, 4 sets.
  5. 10 squats on one leg, 2 sets.
  6. Standing do 15 raises on toes, 3 sets.
  7. Do pull-ups 15 times in three sets.

One-leg squats have advantages and disadvantages:

  • this exercise involves a huge number of muscles;
  • there is a big load on the joints; you need to be careful to avoid injury.

Helpful hints

Whatever the reason for starting to work with your own weight, aim at the result. Objectively assess your physical fitness in order to choose the right set of exercises. You can start with easy exercises, gradually increasing the complexity and load.

Do not forget about the warm-up. No matter how ideal a set of selected exercises is, without a warm-up it can be not only ineffective, but can also be harmful to the body. Unwarmed muscles are not ready to perform many exercises.

But persistence, hard work and a clearly defined goal, in conjunction with a training program with your weight will help to achieve significant results!

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