Best Bodyweight Core Exercises | Build Your Perfect Abs

Abs exercises help to correct posture, reduce and prevent lower back pain, and improve athletic performance. With enough repetitions and proper nutrition, these exercises can even remove excess subcutaneous fat from your abdomen. We will have a look at variations of sit-ups, burpee, crunches and leg raises.


Stand up straight with your feet shoulder width apart. Crouch down and place your palms on the floor. With your hands on the floor, jump backwards with your feet, at the end of which your body will be in the starting position for push-ups from the floor.

Do push-ups and return to the original push-up position. Now, without taking your hands off the floor, jump forward so that your feet land between your hands. After that, jump upward while raising your hands above your head at the same time. This is one repetition.

Jackknife crunch

Lie on your back, legs straightened on the floor, arms outstretched above your head, palms touching the floor. This is your starting position for the “folding knife” exercise. Group yourself in a V-shape, lifting your torso and legs toward each other. Your legs should remain straight and your arms outstretched at this point.

Raise your shoulder blades as high above the ground as possible, with your feet almost perpendicular to the floor at the top point, as much as possible. Touch your feet with the palms of your hands, then lower your torso, arms and legs back to the floor. This is what one repetition looks like.

Mountain climber plank

Take the starting position for the push-ups. This is also the starting position for the “rock climber” exercise. Keeping your back straight, pull your right knee toward your chest, then quickly return it to the starting position.

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Now pull your left knee toward your chest and return to the starting position. Now speed up the movement by alternately lifting your legs as fast as if you were jogging on the spot with your hands on the floor.

Side crunches

Lie on the floor on your back. Bend your legs in the air at a 90 degree angle. Place your arms behind your head with your elbows at your sides. This is the starting position for the exercise.

Rotate your torso to pull your right shoulder toward your left hip until your upper back is off the floor and your right elbow is near or touching your left knee. Lower to the starting position and repeat the movement, this time turning your left shoulder toward your right knee. Alternate repetitions with your left and right side.

Hanging leg raises

Hang from the chinning bar, arms shoulder width apart. Hold on to the bar using the upper (pronated) grip. This is the starting position for the leg raise. Lift both knees until they form a 90-degree angle with your torso. Hold this position for 2 seconds, then lower and straighten your legs completely. This is one repetition.


Get into the starting position for the push-ups from the floor. Now bend your elbows and rest your forearms on both hands. Tense your abdominal muscles to keep your back straight. Be sure to make sure that the toes of your toes face the ground.

Hold this position for a set period of time.

Reverse crunches

Lie on your back with your legs completely straight, arms at your sides, palms resting on the floor. Lift your legs up so that your thighs are perpendicular to the floor. Feet are pressed together. This is the starting position for the reverse twisting exercise.

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As you inhale, slightly bring your knees toward your chest while rotating your pelvis and raising your hips and lower back above the floor. Hold this position for 1-2 seconds, and then as you exhale bring your legs back to the starting position.

Leg scissors in a sitting position

Lie on your back, press your lower back to the floor, fully straighten your arms at your sides with your palms facing the floor. With a slight bend in the knees, lift your legs up so that your heels are about 15 centimeters off the ground. Tense your abdominal muscles and lift your back slightly above the floor. This is the starting position.

Now, as if your legs were scissors, begin to spread and bring them together so that one leg intersects with the other; change the upper leg in each repetition. Keep your abs tensed throughout the entire approach.

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