Bodyweight Chest Workout at Home | Pump Your Pectorals

Training with your own body weight often does not require sports equipment. Everyone can do exercises with their own weight. You can train both at home and at work, if you have some free time. In this article, we will talk about exercises for the chest with our own weight, to perform which do not require any sports equipment. For some of them you will need only the improvised means of everyday life, but they are available in every apartment and office. With the help of these exercises it is possible to work the pectoral muscles completely – upper, middle and lower.

1. Classic push-ups

This exercise is known to almost everyone. It almost evenly distributes the load between the pectoral muscles and triceps. The position of the hands on the floor slightly wider than shoulders. It is better to do them at the beginning of the workout as a warm-up.

2 Wide-grip push-ups

In this variant of push-ups pectoral muscles take on a greater load than in classic push-ups. You should spread your arms not at shoulder width, but much wider. During the entire approach, keep your back straight, and your elbows should always look to the sides.

3. Incline push-ups

They are also called push-ups with hands on an elevated position. This type of push-ups works the lower part of the pectoral muscles well. In addition, this variant is good for those who still find it difficult to do classic push-ups. You can also use them as a warm-up.

4. Decline push-ups

Another name for this kind is push-ups with feet on an elevated position. Here, the upper part of the chest is involved to a greater extent. You can use any object, such as a chair or a wall, as a footrest and support. Find a position for your arms that will engage the pectoral muscles to the maximum.

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5. Push-ups from platforms

You can use books or other objects as platforms. This option allows you to perform the movement with greater amplitude. Try to lower your chest below the level of your hands.

6. Push-ups from chairs with emphasis on the pectoral muscles

This is a variation of the push-ups from the bars. When lowering down, the body should be tilted forward, and the elbows should move apart to work the pectoral muscles as much as possible. You should control movements and the pace should be medium. If your shoulders or elbows hurt, or if you have long-standing injuries of these joints, it is better to refrain from this exercise.

There are in fact many more exercises with own weight for chest muscles. It is not necessary to perform them all in one workout. It is enough to do 2-3, and it will be enough to load the pectoral muscles to the maximum.

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