Bodyweight exercises | Workout at Home with no Equipment

People who want to start a healthy lifestyle and get their body in shape often face the same problem – they are embarrassed to go to the gym, and this can be caused by both being overweight and underweight. That is why many people start their way to the sport with self-training using only they bodyweight. We will have a look at all the necessary aspects and exercises of bodyweight fitness.

Overview of bodyweight fitness

One of the types of such exercises is exercises with your own weight. Such exercises are really easy to perform, do not need any additional tools, because the main one is your own weight, besides, you can exercise in such a way both at home and outdoors. The only disadvantage is for those who need to increase the mass – in the future your own weight as a load may not be enough, so you have to either invent ways to make weight exercises, or still go to the gym.

What are the exercises with own weight in general. They are the usual for all of us activities, in the performance of which neither weights nor dumbbells are used, the main element of the load is your body. For example, instead of lifting weights, a person pulls up, that is, lifts his body on his hands, and instead of lifting legs with weights – squatting. Such exercises are really suitable for beginners, because they can be considered the most natural loads for our body.

Bodyweight exercises for different parts of the body

To have a detailed look at the bodyweight workout routine and start training at home we offer to dive into the guidelines on how to focus on different body parts.

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Chest exercises

These include a wide range of push-ups to work on every part of your pecs. Read the article.

Back exercises

Stretching and strengthening – these are the crucial aspects to bear in mind when training your back. Read the article.

Legs exercises

Everything to do with squats, jumps and lunges. Read the article. In addition, there is a separate workout routine for hamstrings, described here.

Arms exercises

Various curls, pull-ups as well as push-ups at your service to build biceps at home. Read the article.

Shoulders exercises

Effective routine to build massive shoulders with no special equipment using variations of popular exercises. Read the article.

Core exercises

Well-developed abs muscles look impressive. The workout routine consisting of various crunches, sit-ups and raises will help build your perfect core. Read the article.

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