Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises To Build Massive Shoulders at Home

In this article, let’s look at shoulder exercises without weights that you can do both at home and outdoors. You don’t need any exercise equipment to perform them. Nevertheless, they are no less effective and will be suitable for beginners. The workout includes pike push-ups, handstand push-ups and other variations.

Reverse grip push-ups

This exercise is good for the front and middle delts.

How to Perform?

Hold a supine position, but put your hands at your waist level and direct your fingers to your feet. Lower your body down in a straight line without any bends, and raise yourself up, also with a straight body. Descend to 90 degrees at the elbow joint.

How many times should I do it?

We recommend to perform 4-5 sets of 8-12 reps if you use any other shoulder exercises in your workout. If this is the only shoulder exercise, you should increase the number of sets to 7-8.

Pike push-ups

Another type of push-ups on shoulders, also not common enough, but effective.

How to do it?

You should take the position shown in the picture and do push-ups, trying to touch the floor with your forehead. You should do it at a steady pace, relatively smoothly you go down and up. It takes about 4 seconds per repetition, 3 seconds to go down, and 1 second to get up.

How long to perform?

Do this exercise in 4 sets of 8-10 repetitions.

Handstand push-ups at the wall

This exercise needs no introduction, almost everyone knows about it. It is aimed mainly at the shoulder girdle. But not everyone will be able to do it, so if you have just started your training journey, do not immediately grab this exercise.

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How to perform it

Stand on your hands at the wall. If you can do push-ups without a wall, just stand in a rack, it will be even better. Start doing push-ups until the top of your head touches the floor, or just above it. If you have several shoulder exercises in your workout, you should put this exercise first, after the warm-up exercise. Important! Do not make any cancerous movements with your legs while doing this exercise, keep your legs straight.

How many times should I do it?

We recommend to perform 4-5 sets of 6-8 reps. If you find it easy, increase the number of reps up to 10.

Push-ups on a ball

After the body adapts to the load from the classic push-ups, you can move on to the more complicated versions of this exercise. For example, involve in it a stuffed ball (medicine ball).

Technique of execution

Starting position is a classic prone position, but his hands are not on the floor, and on the ball.
Balancing on the ball, slowly go down, and then go back up.

In this kind of push-ups due to the narrow position of the hands, emphasis is made on the triceps. But the instability of the support many times increases the load on all muscle groups involved in this basic exercise, including the front delts.

Push-ups with elevated feet

Another way to make push-ups more difficult is to place your feet above the front of your body.

Technique of execution

The starting position is the same as in the classic push-ups, only we place the legs on an elevated position. For this you can use a step platform, a bench, or any home improvised means.

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Slowly lower yourself down, trying to bring your chest as close to the floor as possible, then raise yourself back up.
Carefully watch the position of the body. It should extend in a straight line without bending in the lower back, both inward and outward.

The higher the elevation, the more we load the arms and shoulders. You can start by placing the body to the floor at an angle of 35-40 degrees (when lowering to the lowest point). In the future, you should increase the load by increasing the angle of inclination.

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