Bodyweight Tricep Exercises | At-home Routine for Mass & Strength

Triceps comprise two thirds of our arm volume and require lots of attention in training process. If you’re going to workout at home with your body weight the following exercises will be the base for your future progress. Alternate between them, play with sets and repetitions and don’t forget to have rest for recovery.

Narrow grip push-ups

They are also called push-ups with triangle or diamond push-ups. In its biomechanics this exercise fully repeats the barbell press with a narrow grip lying, so it should be the first in the program of triceps training at home. Do not think that push-ups with a narrow grip are any kind of an easy thing.

If you have never trained your arms like this before, I advise you to warm up well, paying special attention to the shoulders and wrists, as they are under a lot of load in this exercise.

Note: we advise you to start this exercise by gradually narrowing the position of your hands. When you reach the narrowest hand position, perform 3-4 working sets, paying attention to the phase of lowering the body. The negative phase is many times more important than the positive one, which is why its effect is very noticeable in triceps push-ups.

Triceps crushers

Have you heard about the French press with a barbell? And this triceps exercise is a complete copy of it, but it is performed without weights. Swinging the arms with a barbell we move the projectile, and during the performance of push-ups from the support, it is our own body that has to move. To perform this exercise for hands at home we need any protruding support, from the table and ending with a window sill. The main thing is that it would be possible to grasp it with both hands, and it would be firmly fixed.

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This exercise is quite difficult. Do not try to get the body behind the edge of the support deeply from the first approach, it will be enough to push up to achieve a right angle between the elbow and forearm. Like the French barbell push-up, this push-up variation on the triceps actively loads its long bundle, which has a good effect on improving the shape of the arm muscles.

Triceps extension push-ups

Pumping up your triceps at home with this exercise is very hard, but mega effective. Although it resembles push-ups with a narrow set of hands, it is no longer a basic, but an isolated movement. Therefore, the load on the triceps muscles is very direct and strong.

Note: if this triceps exercise causes discomfort, it must be immediately abandoned. For the elbow joints such push-ups are a serious stress. Many people, pumping muscles at home think that if they exercise without iron, they can not be afraid of injury – this is a big misconception. This is a disbelief, because at home you can injure yourself even more easily than in the gym.

Reverse triceps push-ups

This method of pumping arms with the weight of your own body is probably the easiest in technical terms. Therefore I put push-ups in the end of my hit-parade. Virtually everyone is able to push off 10-15 times, even against the background of fatigue, so I recommend to complete the training program of triceps in home conditions. All that is needed to perform this exercise is a support, or better two (a sofa and a stool, for example).

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We advise to do push-ups from the support not in a power, but in a shortened, pamping style, performing 12-15 movements per approach. This way you can pump more blood into the muscles and pump your triceps to rock hard, exhausting them to the point of complete exhaustion. And the nice thing is that you can perform reverse triceps push-ups at home with different levels of difficulty depending on your level of training:

  • with one support (feet on the ground)
  • two (legs on support)
  • three (legs supported, arms rested on two supports, body lowered between them)

The final stage

In addition to exercises performed dynamically, we recommend including two more types of exercises in your home triceps workout. For the triceps muscle of the arm should not only be big, but also relief, with well-developed individual bundles. After completing a set of strength exercises, the triceps muscles will first need to be statically loaded, and then well stretched.

Static load for triceps

It’s very simple: take up the starting position in any of the above exercises, strain triceps with all your might, and freeze in this position for 30-40 seconds. Such load is always unusual for the body, so painful sensations in the muscles are guaranteed. But by tensing the muscle fibers in a stationary state for a long period of time, the appearance of the arms is always visibly improved.

Static load is beneficial both for the separation of the arm muscles (visual separation of the biceps from the triceps) and their definition (visual separation into separate bundles). From the regular inclusion of statics in a triceps workout, the muscles look firmer, more developed and more voluminous, even without an increase in volume. This is the reason why all professional bodybuilders complete their workouts with a posing phase. They do it not for the purpose of showing off, but to increase the density of muscles and improve their shape.

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Triceps stretching

Performing muscle stretching exercises at the end of a home workout speeds triceps recovery and reduces the likelihood of muscle fatigue accumulation. Stretching the triceps brachii can be done in two ways:

  • Stiff. If your physical fitness allows, you can perform an extreme stretch using the support you’ve already used to perform French push-ups. To do this, you simply need to hover motionless at the end point of the trajectory for 15-20 seconds, which will allow you to stretch the triceps very hard along its entire length.
  • Soft. Conduct a stretch with one arm using the other. There are many variants of such stretching, we suggest to see one of them.


Pumping up your triceps at home is not as easy as it seems. If you wish, performing arm exercises with the weight of your body can be turned into a real torture. You can work out anywhere, the main thing is to do it with full dedication. And we hope that this article will be useful for you and allow you to gain or maintain your muscles working out with your own weight.

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