Female Libido Boosters | Foods and Spices That Turn Her On

Some foods that women eat or add daily to their meals can be aphrodisiacs, that is to say, can increase sex drive or “turn them on”. An aphrodisiac makes women more relaxed. If a woman often takes the right product, she will become more active in sexual adventures: relaxed and ready for new experiments. The most effective aphrodisiac element is vitamin B. In our article we observe a number of highly effective food items which help in boosting libido in women.

Foods that boost female libido


It increases the emotionality of women, allows them to enjoy intimacy with a partner to the fullest. It is androsterone which is one of the components of celery, that multiplies the attraction to the opposite sex.


Honey is a source of vitamin B. Improves blood circulation in the genitals. Effective aphrodisiac for the female and male sexes. Improves physical fitness and tones facial and body skin.


It is another source of vitamin B for the body. It positively affects the female hormonal system and speeds up blood circulation.


As everyone knows, it is a real hormone of happiness for women. It makes beautiful maidens even more sensual during sexual adventures.

A mixture of honey and nuts

(mainly walnuts and almonds are combined)

Regularly taking such an aphrodisiac mix, a woman’s sensuality increases and her feminine side is more and more revealed.


First of all, they provide the body with protein, increasing arousal in women. Sex life will improve if you add seafood to your diet.


Naturalness and taste are the main advantages of such aphrodisiacs. They can become both an ingredient for dessert and a full breakfast.

A selection of aphrodisiac spices for women

Spices are also considered to be natural afrodisiacs. For a long time they have been used as one of the most effective ways for sexual arousal in women.

Such spices include:

  • Fenugreek – an oriental type of spice that only a few years ago began to be used as an aphrodisiac.
  • Saffron – the colorful flavor and aroma of the spice is perfect for rice. The dish will become more spicy and fragrant. After such a dinner, a woman will undoubtedly demand an equally spicy continuation.
  • Cloves are a spice that excites the body, raising the temperature by several degrees, and accelerates blood circulation in the genitals.
  • Fennel is a plant with a unique taste and a strange smell, which a woman will not like at once. In appearance, it resembles celery.
  • Nutmeg is an aphrodisiac that excites women more. The spice people have long been using in Eastern countries. Scientists have proved that it is nutmeg that can replace quite effective drugs that contribute to the arousal of a man.
  • Ginger is a root that is a popular spice as well. From ancient times until today, it remains one of the most effective arousing spices.

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