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Introducing the revolutionary Intellibed with Gel Matrix. Intellibed is optimized to give you the deepest, most healthy and restorative sleep possible. Other beds on the market force you to make a trade-off—either firm OR soft—but you could never have the benefits of both. For the first time, Intellibed provides the back-supporting benefits of a firm mattress AND the deep, restorative, comfortable sleep of a soft one.

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Live Well. Feel Well. Be Well.

No one should have to live with pain - Live well with our wellness products.

How We Can Help

Neustar - pain relief

Pain Relief

Our product lines are specifically chosen to assist and help eliminate pain. We WILL find a solution to your pain.

neustar - injury prevention

Injury Prevention

When you properly take care of your joints and muscles, your body is less prone to injury. Our wellness advisors will assist you in finding the methods that work for you.

Neustar - relaxation


Find complete relaxation. Our products will help you find a deep feeling of relaxation and help aid in overall wellness.

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Happy thoughts from our Neustar clients

What can I say? Kevin from Neustar took his time to walk me through every products, answered all my questions and even gave his honest opinions. He says they only sell products that they've tested themselves, and I believe him, their products work! Great experience, I would definitely come back! 

The wellness advisers at Neustar really helped me figure out what's the best solution to help with my chronic back pain. They really knew what they're talking about!!

I suffer from MS and I have to tell you how much the Magnesphere has helped me! Neustar introduced me to the product and I've never been more thankful. They're very helpful in explaining what the benefits of the product would be and believe me, I've been using it for a year and I feel the difference - I'm happier!


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