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Isn't it time you finally found relief?

When I was first introduced to the Magnesphere, I couldn’t believe some of the fantastic claims that doctors all over North America were making about its effectiveness in reducing the pain levels of chronic pain sufferers.  

The Magnesphere was developed by Dr. Jerry Jacobson, Bio-physicist, author of over 100 scientific publications and Chief Science Officer of Magneceutical Health.

It was Dr. Jacobson that pioneered the field of Magnetic Resonance Therapy, earning him the prestigious Albert Einstein Genius Dedication from the American Biographical Institute.

I had never heard of Magnetic Resonance Therapy or its potential to reduce pain levels for sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, chronic back pain and even sports injuries.

If even a fraction of the testimonials I had seen were true, this technology would be a game-changer in bringing real relief to millions of people who spend their lives in pain.

People who were beginning to lose hope that they could find a solution that wasn’t simply taking prescription pain medication several times a day.

Could the Magnesphere really bring such an incredible improvement to the quality of life of millions of chronic pain sufferers?

It wasn’t until I experienced the amazing pain relief and healing benefits of the Magnesphere for myself that I really began to understand the incredible healing properties of Magnetic Resonance Therapy.

How the Magnesphere relieved my daughter's chronic migraines.

Torry Tanner, President/CEO of Neustar Wellness Choices in Calgary

How does the Magnesphere work?

The Magnesphere is a Magnetic Resonance Therapy system that balances your body’s Autonomic Nervous System with extremely low level magnetic fields.

How Ian found incredible long-term relief from Multiple Sclerosis symptoms

What is the science behind the Magnesphere?

  • 1. Magnetic Resonance.

    The Magnesphere utilizes the same basic physics principles used by a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) device to apply an external magnetic field to alter molecular or atomic targets in the body.

    The MRI device alters the molecules in the body with a very powerful magnet, in such a dramatic manner as to be able to obtain an image.

    In contrast, the Magnesphere device utilizes the same principle as an MRI, but at targeted field strengths of a much lower physiologic level.

  • 2. Stimulation of the Vagus Nerve.

    Precise magnetic fields produce a balancing effect on the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), resulting in a decrease in the physiological effects of chronic stress.

  • 3. Improved Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

    By measuring the change in the balance of the Autonomic Nervous System using the biomarker Heart Rate Variability, we are able to determine which magnetic fields are best suited to help improve your chronic pain symptoms. 

neustar magnesphere
Autonomous Nervous System and Magnesphere

Jana had struggled with migraines her whole life!

I have pain from a specific health condition. Will the Magnesphere work for me?

The Magnesphere has been found to show improvement for pain symptoms from many different health conditions.

Including, but not limited to:  

  • Multiple Sclerosis 
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic Migraines 
  • Chronic Back Pain 
  • Sports Injuries 
  • Arthritis 
  • Hip and Joint Pain 
  • Parkinson’s Disease 
  • Scoliosis 
  • Gout
  • And much more!

How long will it take to get results?

You should see results in just 1 session, but each individual is different and thus the results can range from minimal to dramatic.

Please keep in mind this isn't a magic pill so to achieve maximum results it may take a series of sessions. The total effect however, can be truly incredible.

What can I expect in a session?

When you come in to see us at Neustar Wellness Choices in Calgary, we will first do a short consultation with you to understand what pain symptoms you are experiencing and we will determine the proper protocols to be used in your session.  

Next you will sit in a comfortable chair inside the Magnesphere seating area for up to an hour while the magnetic resonance protocols are executed by the device.  

The session is very comfortable and relaxing. Many patients find themselves falling asleep during the session!

Is the Magnesphere FDA approved?

Yes. The Magnesphere is an FDA approved Class 1 medical device.

How do I get a Magnesphere session in Calgary?

Get your free consultation plus our limited Magnesphere special offer.

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How do I get a Magnesphere session in Calgary?

Get your free consultation plus our limited Magnesphere special offer.

$100 Now Only $60 (40% OFF Regular Sessions!)

This offer is available for a limited time only. 

P.S. I really do hope you benefit from your experience with the Magnesphere as much as I have. I truly believe this technology can change lives for the better as I have experienced these amazing results in my own life.

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