migraines and magnesphere

Migraines and the Magnesphere

Hey everyone. I really really need to tell you this story. It’s proof positive that the Magnesphere works. Period.

I was at a conference this past weekend and the first morning I was there, I received a text from my daughter, saying that she woke up with a massive migraine. And to fully appreciate how bad it was, nothing short of going to the hospital relieves this kind of pain. It’s the kind of pain that is totally debilitating and makes it even hard to breathe.

She had 3 options at that point. She could have stayed at home in a dark corner for the next 48-72 hours hoping that it would eventually go away; she could have gotten herself to the hospital; or she could drive herself to my office to use the Magnesphere.

To her credit, she was actually able to get herself dressed and to her car and drive to my office. That was a huge feat in and of itself. And to fully appreciate how bad the pain was, she had to stop enroute to throw up. That’s how excruciating it was.

I left my conference to go meet her and let me tell you, she was not in good shape. Just getting herself to the office had taken pretty much everything out of her. She sat in the chair, curled up and tried not to move. On a pain level of 1-10, her pain was a 15.

Now comes the really cool part.

I put her in the Magnesphere for 1.5 hours and guess what?

She got up out of the Magnesphere after her session with ZERO pain. ZERO!

She left the office totally normal again and went to a BBQ with friends that she thought she was going to have to miss.


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