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My Experience with Hotel Beds

Hey everyone. I was away this weekend at a women’s conference and guess what? I learned that … I REALLY miss playing drums! lol. While I really did have a great time playing, that’s not exactly what I wanted to chat about today. 😊

I travel a lot and end up staying in a whole lot of hotels, and I can usually get a pretty good night’s sleep on just about anything. And believe me – if I can get a good night’s sleep in Japanese hotels, on slabs of rock disguised as mattresses, then it means I’m pretty adaptable… or just oblivious to pain.

This past week however, two days before I left for the conference, I tweaked my shoulder at Crossfit. And then being the die-hard (or fool?) that I am, I pushed it really hard the next day at the gym, even though the workout was focused on shoulders. And of course I paid for it big time.

Now, had I slept at home the next 2 nights, I may not have noticed much except for the typical soreness that allows me to go around garnering as much sympathy as I can get from whomever will listen. My son rolls his eyes at the Crossfit cult because we all apparently feel an incessant need to talk about our cult. Let’s be clear… it’s not actually a cult. I mean, we’re there of our own free will, and we can leave any time we want; and no one’s feeding us kool-aid… well, maybe kambucha…but I’m pretty sure there’s nothing peculiar in it… well… pretty sure.

I digress.

So off I went to the conference and slept on what would be considered to be a middle of the road mattress. In this case, it was a moderately firm Beautyrest, typical of what most mid-range hotels would place in their rooms. I already knew that it would likely be a struggle to brush my hair the next morning, considering how much I pushed myself the last two days at Crossfit (did I mention how amazing Crossfit is?) 😊 but what I didn’t consider, is how much worse it could be with sleeping on a crappy mattress. After one more night on that mattress, my shoulder was so incredibly sore that I started to wonder if I had actually injured myself – I even ended up taking an Advil just so that I could play drums without the pain. I mean, it wasn’t just sore anymore. It ached all day long. It was crazy.

I honestly have never been more thankful to come home to my bed. I’ve had an Intellibed mattress since 2012 and apparently I’ve taken it for granted. I know that I no longer wake up with a numb arm, and I know that I sleep really, really well, but I never realized how much of a difference it can make with pain relief.

So here’s the really cool thing. I went to bed that night, and woke up the next morning without any pain in my shoulder. We’re not talking just a diminished amount of pain. We’re talking about NO pain. None. Zero.

I was totally and completely impressed. I really can’t imagine sleeping on any other bed but Intellibed and I will never apologize for ranting about it to anyone and everyone who will listen. LOL. Maybe this is how cults get started. 😊


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