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Sleep is as essential as proper hydration and nutrition, and yet it’s something we all could improve in our lives. A good night’s sleep can be the difference that you need, and our variety of sleep products - specialized mattresses, pillows, aromatherapy and more can help ease you to sleep at the end of each and every day. Sleep well, live well.

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While some general recommendations can be made online, the best way to choose a mattress is to combine in-person advice from our Wellness Advisors and your own experience on the beds. In other words, try them out! Our wellness centre offer a wide variety of mattresses to experience for yourself. We will help you narrow down your options to a sleep system that addresses all of your unique needs.

(And if you happen to fall asleep in one of our showrooms, don’t worry, we won’t judge.)

Neustar Wellness Choices strives to carry the absolute best in therapeutic mattresses. Each type we carry is truly a sleep system.

Each brand has specific characteristics that allow them to cater to certain people. While no mattress is perfect for every person, we are confident that we can help you find the right mattress for you.

How We Can Help

Neustar - pain relief

Pain Relief

Our product lines are specifically chosen to assist and help eliminate pain. We WILL find a solution to your pain.

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Injury Prevention

When you properly take care of your joints and muscles, your body is less prone to injury. Our wellness advisors will assist you in finding the methods that work for you.

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Find complete relaxation. Our products will help you find a deep feeling of relaxation and help aid in overall wellness.

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