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Is Your Mattress the Cause of Your Sleep Deprivation?

When was the last time you had a great night’s sleep? If you manage to sleep for 6-8 hours, you’ll no doubt assume that counts, right? When it comes to good sleep, it’s not so much the amount but the quality. Most of us spend hardly any time in deep sleep – to the point of sleep deprivation. It’s not always stress that triggers these type of sleeping disorders. Often, the triggers are a lot more surprising and easier to address. In this blog, we’re looking at some of the hidden factors behind many sleep disorders.

Is Your Mattress the Cause of your Sleep Deprivation?

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Your mattress can be a big factor in getting quality sleep. Memory foam mattresses put pressure on the hips, which gets worse as the sag increases. Air chamber mattresses also put pressure on the spine, shoulders and neck. The end result? You change sleep position a lot during the night and sleep quality reduces. You’re not aware of it but most of us shift position up to 40 times a night because of pressure.

With most mattresses, you make an unconscious choice between comfort or pressure relief. You’re also setting the scene for a certain type of sleep deprivation. What sleep you do get is unlikely to be the restorative kind that’s needed for good health.

This is where the Intellibed mattresses come into their own.

Sleep Deprivation Solution is Intellibed

The concept came from top trauma hospitals, where patients needed superior pressure relief. Unlike most other mattress types, they redistribute weight and pressure. This means that the position shifts that we talked about don’t happen and you can enjoy quality sleep.

Scientific studies have shown that Intellibed mattresses put very little pressure on tissues. They also improve oxygenation of the tissues. These plus points are two big reasons why an Intellibed mattress can aid sleep quality. It’s not only about sleeping through the night; the sleep you get is deeper and more restorative. When it comes to sleeping tips, this is definitely one of the biggest!

Here at Neustar, we’re here to help you to feel better. We only stock products proven to reduce pain and improve quality of life. We also make sure that we’ve tested them and can vouch for their results. From avoiding sleep deprivation to easing aches and pains from a bad mattress, we’ll help you to sleep well. You can trust us for sleeping tips that will transform your well-being! Sleep deprivation can be solved!

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