Tango your way to wellness!

Hey everyone,

We had a very interesting evening here at Neustar last week.

So I have been taking Argentine Tango lessons … lol… c’mon – isn’t that on everyone’s bucket list? It definitely was on mine. I have to admit that it wasn’t love at first sight or anything. I learned the basic steps from a friend (and youtube) and then got convinced to attend a 3 day Tango workshop in Missoula, Montana. I know what you’re thinking… how do tango and Montana fit together. Lol. Well apparently, very well. There is a thriving tango cult… I mean club in that area (they fit right in with the rednecks). Now, the classes were great and all, but my love affair with tango began the moment I stepped into the Milonga (tango dance party) on the first night. It was like stepping back in time about 90 years, into an era where people dressed up to go to weekly dancing events; where men were gentlemen and women allowed them to be; where dancing was actually dancing, not grinding, bumping or twerking… you get my drift. It was totally beautiful and I was totally smitten (deeply affected with or struck by strong feelings of attraction, affection, or infatuation.)

AND… here’s the other cool part. There HAPPENED to be a tango instructor from Calgary who was at the workshop! How crazy is that! So when I got back to Calgary, I promptly signed up for tango classes and that lead to me offering up Neustar for their weekly Milongas. I have definitely been indoctrinated into the cult.

AND… yes, I’m finally getting to the point of all this. 😊

So as it turns out, couples dancing is incredibly beneficial to building and maintaining healthy brain function. AND… tango in particular has been used specifically to help people with Parkinson’s. Studies by institutions like Washington University School of Medicine and McGill have shown that people suffering from these neurological conditions benefitted from taking up tango on a regular basis. Things like balance and functional mobility were significantly improved, but there was even an improvement in cognitive function as well.

There are also tango schools across the globe that are starting to offer classes specifically for people suffering from Parkinson’s.

Pretty cool stuff. So if you’re looking for an activity that can give you exercise for both your body and your brain, improve your coordination and provide social interaction, check out Argentine Tango. And if you’re in the Calgary area, come out to Neustar on Friday nights to join our Milongas! But be forewarned – there is a very good chance you will also be drawn into this tango cult. 😊

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