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SaunaMassage Chair

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What is Covered under our Warranty?

Manufacturing defects in the mattress. Replacement of one piece does not automatically constitute replacement of the other piece. Our limited warranty is provided to the original purchaser. Satin trade labels and white law labels MUST be intact to validate our warranty. If a defect is found and the mattress is repaired or replaced, the warranty does NOT start over, but the customer will have the remaining years left from the original date of purchase. (Warranty Pick Up / Exchange fees apply)

What is Excluded Under our Warranty?

- Normal Body impressions of 3/4" inch or less
- Normal wear and tear
- Merchandise sold as is, distressed or floor models (Unless other agreements were documented at the time of purchase)
- Firmness preference of the product
- Material Softening

Warranty is Void and does not apply if the mattress or box spring has been subjected to obvious abuse or improper care or maintenance such as, but not limited to:

- Stains or Soiling
- Burns
- Odors (including cigarette smoke)
- Inadequate support from improper box spring or frame (queen and king mattresses MUST have a frame that has sufficient center support)
- Bent or broker border wires
- Upholstery compaction or excessive softening due to insufficient turning (Consult your warranty documentation)
- Mattress damage including drag marks when moving the mattress or box spring
- Improper storage

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Wood FrameMetal FrameWood SlatsOuter Frame support onlyOuter Frame with middle beam supportOuter Frame with middle Leg with beam supportOTHER

IF Other, please describe

Did you rotate the mattress per warranty instructions?

If YES, please explain how often

If body impressions exist, measure the depression in an area where there is NO stitching by placing a straight edge across the area and using a ruler to measure the depth of the depression on top of the quilting. Please note the depression amounts below, in inches.

Mattress Right in inches

Mattress Left in inches

Is the mattress manufactured by IntelliBED?

Does the foundation match the mattress?

Is the mattress stained or soiled in any way?

Has either the mattress or foundation ever been replaced?

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