Top 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas That You’ll Want To Know About!

It’s not long now until Father’s Day and if you’re one of the many Canadians who haven’t figured out what to get this year, you’re in luck! We’ve selected some of our top products that we sell at Neustar that are perfect for helping your father to improve his health and wellness this year. Here are our top 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for you!

10. Ever Bamboo Deodorizer

If Dad spends some free time in the gym, he’ll love this range of deodorizing products. They’re designed to keep shoes, gym bags and lockers smelling fresh. Plus, you can use them around the home in closets, drawers and even fridges and freezers. They’re made from bamboo charcoal, which acts to absorb odors, remove any dampness and polluted air particles, and they are enviromentally friendly:)

9. VK Naturals Muscle Soak Salts

When muscle tension strikes, Dad will be happy that you’ve bought him these muscle soak salts. They help to deeply relax both the mind and body so he’s sure to feel less sore and a lot calmer when he adds these to his bath. They’re also great for anyone who suffers from back and neck pain, sinus problems, headaches, sports injuries and fibromyalgia.

8. VK Naturals Aromatherapy

Help your father relax more with these aromatherapy oils. Pop the jar open and let the scents take over. They come in a range of varieties, most of which have their own unique benefits for health and wellbeing. Whatever he’s prone to, there’s an aromatherapy oil to help! Our most popular:

● Bergamot helps to fight flu and ease sinus congestion – perfect if he comes down with a cold!
● Grapefruit can improve mental clarity and focus so it’s ideal if he needs a concentration boost
● Jasmine can be a great choice if he’s affected by anxiety, stress or depression
● Mint helps with any headaches and stress related fatigue he might get

7. IB/Johnson Rotary Handheld Massager

Your Dad will get the benefits of Shiatsu and acupuncture with this massager!! It’s the perfect gift for relieving those deep, sore muscles. Shiatsu is a popular way to relax muscles and tissues and encourage more bloodflow (resulting in a faster healing rate). With it’s portability and ease of use, Dad never has to be in pain again!!

6. CardioFlex

Want to help your Dad to reduce his heart disease risk? Gift him some of these heart healthy CardioFlex supplements to improve his circulation and protect against the build up of dangerous plaque in his arteries. The perfect gift to give him more energy throughout the day.

5. FIR Heat Therapy Blanket

This heat activated therapy blanket is another great choice if your Dad gets muscle and joint pain or stiffness. We all know the benefits of using heat patches or hot water bottles on sore areas and this therapy blanket is a more sophisticated way to harness the healing powers of heat. It’s a safe and natural way to manage pain and it’s portable so he can use it anytime pain strikes. Don’t be surprised if Mom steals it once in a while too.

4. Relaxus Back and Neck massagers

Here it is. The gift Dad has been waiting for. Our neck and back massagers can be used on any chair, in any setting. Finally, Dad can have a massage at work in his office chair, at home on his favorite recliner, while he’s camping, or even in bed. Eqipped with far infrared heat to add to the muscle relaxation, this massager is the perfect way to allow Dad to relax anywhere he goes.

Want more Father’s Day Gift Ideas? We’re on our top 3 wellness products we know he’ll love!

3. Posture Medic

We know your father could use a helping hand with his posture. In fact we ALL could. We guarantee this will be his new best friend! It’s designed to improve posture through stretching and strengthening muscles. Most people develop bad posture when we’re doing things like watching television, sitting at a desk, or driving. If this sounds familiar for your Dad, the solution is easy. Wearing it in short bursts will help him to strengthen his back and chest muscles, and ultimately, Dad will look taller, stronger, and more like the superhero you remember him as.

2. Yantra Mat

This acupressure mat will help your father to get the benefits of acupressure therapy. There are over 8,800 acupressure points on the body so there’s an awful lot of scope for reducing pain and stress! It’s incredibly simple to use – all he needs is to lie down on the mat and let it de-stress his mind and body. In fact, it’s so relaxing, don’t be surprised if Dad falls asleep while using it! He’ll love it even more if he gets back pain, headaches, muscle pulls or sleepless nights.

1. Massage Chairs

If your father suffers from back pain or any other type of pain, he’ll love the idea of a massage chair! They’re the perfect way to reduce pain and they’re sure to go down a favorite with any father for a few other reasons. His health and wellbeing will benefit from having less muscle tension, better blood flow (which can improve his circulation and immunity) and a healthier response to stress (which can also improve his mental health). What’s not to love about that? Set it up in the theatre room to take movie watching to a whole new level!!

Need some inspiration for what to buy for Father’s Day this year? These wellness related Father’s Day gift ideas are sure to hit the mark!

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