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The Magnesphere's technology has been proven over and over to alleviate the pain and other symptoms caused by a wide range of diseases and injuries.

Take back the quality of life you remember.

What you will get with your Magnesphere appointment.

A free initial consultation with an expert to discuss your unique health concerns.

A full plan to help you permanently alleviate your body pain as quickly as possible.

A specialized Magnetic Resonance Therapy Protocol customized especially for your unique pain symptoms.

Should you decide after your free initial consultation to proceed with a Magnesphere session, you will get:

One 60 minute session with the Magnesphere to relieve pain and stress symptoms.

SPECIAL OFFER: Savings of 40% OFF our normal session price for a limited time. $100 Now just $60.

REAL PAIN RELIEF! Get back the quality of life you remember.

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